Why I Buy YouTube Subscribers For My Band

By | December 3, 2017

I have tried a number of different online services in order to get my band’s music out to the world.  Unfortunately, many people simply do not click on the play button for a lot of these streaming sites, and the less people know about a particular streaming site, the less likely it will be for them to actually click the links that I share on social media.  Recently, however, I discovered that if I upload the audio to YouTube with a simple image of my band’s album cover as the video, people are actually more likely to listen to my music.  I really feel as though this is the best route to take if you are trying to get people to stream your music over the internet because people often listen to music on YouTube.  You can also get your songs in auto play sequences with other bands of similar genres.

buy YouTube subscribers

It was not until I discovered that you can monetize the videos on your YouTube channel that I realized just how much power I had in this whole thing.  I had started to get a few views and subscribers, and I actually made a very small amount of money because of the fact that my songs were getting a decent amount of plays.  That was when I decided to make my channel grow as much as I possibly could so that I could earn a little extra money while also promoting my band’s music.  I decided that I would buy YouTube subscribers to make the channel much bigger than it already was.  This not only helped the songs to get more plays which grew the reach of my band’s influence, but it also allowed more money to come rolling in thanks to the ad revenue that we were receiving.

The extra money has helped us to buy newer equipment and generally upgrade everything about the band.  This was probably the best thing that I ever did in order to help the growth of my band’s popularity, as it allowed a return on everything that we had invested in our music, while also providing us with some extra money.  We have now gained enough popularity that we are able to book a small tour, which is something that I was not sure we would ever be able to do.  Throughout the entire region, people seem to know about us, and so clubs are willing to book us at good rates because they know we will attract an audience.

I never really thought that YouTube could be such a good tool for marketing my band, but it really has been the best tool I could have ever hoped to find.  My band is becoming more and more successful by the minute, and I owe most of that to the fact that I decided that I would market us on YouTube.  We are hoping to drop an album soon, and I am confident that it will be successful.